Marketing, 5 July 2013

Hong Kong property is very expensive, so expensive that we don't dare to ask why and how it becomes to be what it is today. Fundamentally this is jacking up the cost of rent, and unless your pocket is deep, very deep, it is getting harder to start up a company let alone fostering a new brand in HK. It would be very interesting to see how our local economy will evolve in the near future.

We don't make a lot of effort in marketing. Firstly, we do not have sufficient budget for a proper marketing work, nor do we wish to over kill ourself through social medias even though they are usually free of charge. Secondly, we do not have enough man power for a sustainable marketing effort. These problems are nothing new among many SME companies. And lastly, we choose to invest our limited resources on the products as our primary objective.

Our little showroom is heading to her 4th birthday. There aren't any major changes since day one; same address, same setup, same brands, well...just about the same everything !! In this ultra fast ever changing commercial world, we hope to slow down a bit and build our own tradition; the Annie's tradition !!
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