Leather Camera Straps Original Braided2
Leather Camera Straps Braided Style Orginal

You will find a complete collection of our original camera straps, and bags with contemporary outlook to spice up your photo session.


Annie Barton

Since Dec 17 2016, we turned the shop area into a private loft. Retail will be 100% through our online shops.
Annie Barton will remain at the same address in Kau U Fong, Central. We will be using the loft for designing new products as well as producing media communications. Most importantly, the loft will be used as a studio which would allow us to explore our hobbies such as the Large Format Photography.
Rest assured Annie Barton will be more socially active in the near future, so do not be a stranger, email us if you have any questions.

Please visit us not as a customer, but as a friend.

Contact Us:

T: +852 2518 8098
E: info[AT]anniebarton.com