Developing Annie Barton

It is difficult to operate a small business in HK. Rental is, in our opinion, the number one turn-off factor that discourages people, especially with a limited budget from starting any new ventures.

Under such less-than-ideal condition and minimal resources, we feel very fortunate to have completed the early stage of the business cycle. We have upgraded: the product raw material, the website, and the office.  We are completely exhausted. 

With all the basic infrastructures having completed, we are now standing on the cross road somewhat confused. It appears all roads could lead us to somewhere, but that somewhere, or anywhere remains misty clouding our vision on the future.

The conventional wisdom dictates that diversification reduces risk, we feel designing and making camera straps should forever remain to be our core focus. Questions we keep asking ourselves are “has the camera strap sector reached saturation?”, “how do we achieve a sustainable business?”, “how do we improve on our existing operation?”, and lastly “what next?”.

We did flip through the pages of the books from our college years, but answers were none to be found.  We believe this is the excitement of nurturing your own brand and business; the thrill of walking alone in the dark  , and holding onto nothing but your own dream.