Inside a Barton Strap

We ourselves are consumers too, and we expect a product to help us differentiate from the crowd and possibly to highlight our lifestyle, and we also want it to be able to brew a cup of nice fresh coffee in the morning.

One’s expectation is different from another. As a designer, we can only do what we do.

Maybe one day we may charge the customers over a thousand dollar for our straps, but we are sure no one in the right mind would buy such strap. If by serving you a cup of Latte Macchiato would allow us to jack up the price, we would. We did however, cut open a strap to show you what is inside the Braided Strap. A lot of work and thoughts are put into making the Braided strap; a strap that is minimal in function, consumable, yet the construction emits an unique aura different from a normal camera strap.

Our camera strap is no more than an exaggerated rope, and a mere camera strap none the less.


For more photos on the Dissection of the Barton1972 strap, see our Barton Strap Flickr. 

ps: we still think the original factory strap is the most durable camera strap !!

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