Panerai !!!!!

Textbooks had taught us the concept of “Demand and Supply”; knowing the “Demand” and closing the gap with a “Supply” would surely generate a profit. Or creating a “demand” and following up with a “supply” may be equally effective. Reading a textbook is very inspiring, yet them inspirations could only be considered as a historical data if we do not implement them into our daily operation. But before understanding what a demand or a supply is, we need first to define what our Identity is; of who we are; are we a mama n’ papa shop? a trading firm? an online shop? a strap maker?

We try to learn from the Panerai watch. We feel the Richemont did an excellent job in converting an unknown watch into a global luxury brand. Their effort to elaborate the Panerai’s heritage, we feel, is one of the key factor to bingo the success of a brand and gaining the market share against the Rolex.

So the question we ask ourselves is, what is a heritage? We think the answer is “Time”

We need to add a product mix to enhance the flavour, and through time we hope to have our own unique culture.

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