Product Mix

Our shop also sells watch straps for Panerai. This product mix creates somewhat an odd impression to the brand identity, yet we feel it is still within the scope. However, we wish to spread this mix even farther apart, possibly losing whatever identity we may have built over the last 5 years.

Risks are always present so long you remain in the business. So with all things being equal, we will at least be doing what we like, and put less emphasis on profit generating.

What is the new product mix? We don’t know !! But the idea of vintage cars and the likes appeal to us tremendously, maybe close to hysterical. Yet we have no such cars.

We went to visit a friend of ours who collects VW, Vespa, Ducati, Triumph and some other unknown names. The place was a complete chaos, almost close to being a junkyard. We were completely ecstatic, totally thrilled.

Now we need to come up with a concept.

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