Cameras !

We genuinely like photography, and we are saying this not because we sell camera straps. Truth is, camera strap is the most boring item in the photography. OK, so it’s a strap, DuH !!

Push/Pull is fun, operating a 810 is fun, petzval is fun, carrying a large format may be fun but definitely exhausting. If only we could explore large format photography on a full time basis, then we would certainly go 100% analogue. If only … 

Our first digital cameras were the Nikon D70 and the D80. Both cameras were amazing, and the price tag put a smile on our face. The digital imaging took off across the globe like a wildfire, and the pixel racing began between the many manufacturers. Our excitement with the cameras returned when Leica came out with the MM, and the ever so compact Go Pro. We do consider the Go Pro to be a camera.

The MM is truly an impressive piece of bw photo equipment. But what really expands our horizon is the video capability in a camera, the concept of capturing motions brings the fun factor to a new level.

Traditional photography is fun, digital photography is fun. The balancing act between fun and work is…….challenging.

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