Vintage Contemporary

The photography industry has Oh-so-many new things coming out periodically it’s almost impossible to keep track. And if you’re done with the latest, you may take a trip back to the memory lane for the “Vintage” items.

We do foster consumerism for obvious reason 🙂

As seen in the picture, the only true vintage item in the picture is the Voigtlander Petzval. The lens could be more than a century old, manufactured in the era when Wet Plate was considered to be the cutting edge in photography. The lens is huge but it covers only the 4×5.

It is great that Lomography is reviving the petzval by making it into a 135 format. The new lens is certainly not the sharpest, and the aperture plate keeps falling out during the portrait mode. The image quality produced by the Lomo is no where near the antique Petzval, this is not to say the Lomo is bad, but we are saying the oldies are just that Brilliant.

We had wanted to use the Lomo lens for our product shots, but its D.O.F is too shallow to be of any practical use. And anything smaller than a f8, images rendered would be more or less the same as with any other lenses. We still like this lens a lot, we like it so much we’ve ordered the new 58mm from the kickstarter, again !!!

The MM lacks the filming function, and for that, we are grateful. Truly. We consider the MM to be the vintage contemporary, a modern classic who stays pure to photography.  However, with all things being equal, would we still be praising this MM if we did not have a Smartphone?

Yes, we would !

We would normally carry one lens one camera and a little Go Pro for our walkabouts. And of course the Smartphone would permanently be attached to our pants in order for us to visit the social medias, to write a blog, and most importantly, to shop whatever new and old items.

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