Welcome back, Master Artisan.

We do not consider ourselves to be a die-hard Paneristi, but we do fancy the military designs of yesteryears. The biggest attraction of a Panerai watch is its accessories, the vast combinations give plenty of room to create a truly unique time piece even though we use the iPhone to tell a more accurate time.

The search for customising our Panerai led us to James, the founder of Wotancraft, and got to know him pretty well. Few years ago, James became critically ill and left the company. We were all worried about him especially when he had disappeared without a trace, even his partners and friends in the Wotancraft were left clueless to his whereabouts.

About a week ago, we were surfing around for a big SLC torpedo. We wanted the original SLC made by Panerai, but its speculated price is a mighty turn-off for us. Eventually we landed on a website filled with beautiful Panerai watches, and all the accessories you could imagine. And yes, we saw a big SLC torpedo, made of bronze, and looking very oxidised. We knew immediately we hit a jackpot.

We emailed the seller. And it was James who’d replied our enquiry!!!!

We are thrilled to learn James’ health has fully recovered, and he is the master artisan behind the new brand L’Invitta Legione ; the fearless special naval force, or something like that in Italian. Frankly we only know the word spaghetti.

The SLC arrived soon after. This big sausage is heavy and solidly constructed, its propulsion and the steering wheel has moving parts. It has everything we had wanted. The oxidation is beautifully done, very realistic.

Check out its official website www.linvittalegione.com

We are just glad our friend is in good health now.

SLC torpedo with 74 strap