L’invitta Legione Authorised

We are estatic to announce that L’Invitta Legione is now a member of the Annie Barton, figuratively speaking we are now James’ authorized distributor in HK. It is our honour to have earned such trust from the L’Invitta Legione !!!

The event happened so quickly we didn’t have the time to put together a plan or any thoughts for that matter. The natural course of development overwhelmed our rationality and eventually led us to establish a partnership. This is not to say it’s bad but on the contrary, we simply were caught off guard !!! We have seen the products made by the L.L., the designs are of their original work, and we believe them to be quite unique in the market.

Now that the hustles and bustles of business negotiations are signed and over with, the real work begins !!!  We now need to revise the old budget and work on a new ! Realistically speaking, the pie does not get any bigger thus the allocation work has to be done extremely carefully.

What’s next ? attempt to make some R.O.I !!  that’s what next !! 🙂

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