Charity work: a social responsibility

Back in the Year 2012, we helped a friend to a fund raising activity, and we used the money to buy sleeping bags and food. The provisions were distributed to the schools and people in an area called Anemaqin, located in Qinghai. Anemaqin is a Tibetan community, the area is very isolated and remote, combined with the altitude sickness, our journey was not all Four Seasons !! We think it’s important to be a giving person, and to avoid becoming blind with greed in the commercial world. So it is our goal to become a regular contributor to the society, both as an individual and as a company ! We will be doing a charity sale in the near future, there are two things we will need to overcome first: One, a new production specifically for the charity work. Two, finding an umpire that we are not cheating 🙂 Images below were taken during our trip. This is the best use of our cameras !!

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