Teseo Tesei and the Panerai

Teseo Tesei was an Italian naval officer who had invented the human torpedo in the 40s. The torpedo known also as the S.L.C., the pig, and the maiale.  It later became the icon of the Panerai watches, and only recently did Panerai release the PAM 785 set which includes the little Pig made of resin. Today’s Italian Commando Frogmen group is called, thank you Wiki, Comando Raggruppamento Subacquei e Incursori Teseo Tesei,  named after Teseo Tesei in order to honour his bravery and commitments.

We have here the statue of Mr. Teseo Tesei, and the Frogman Commando called The Gamma Man. Both are hand painted, both fellas are approx. 20cm tall and made of…..well, solid resin !  The Gamma Man reminds us of Abe Sapien, the aqua guy in the Hellboy movie, and we surely like this guy a lot !! As for the Teseo Tesei, he is a handsome gentleman and makes a great model sitting next to your favourite Panerai. All in all, these statues are very well made and they don’t cost you a kidney, they make a very decent decor on your desk.

So should you rush out and get them all ? No, not unless you are an absolute WWII Italian navy fan, or a Panerai fanatic who likes anything to everything about the Panerai watches. We must warn you the Teseo Tesei and the Gamma Man are only indirectly linked to the watch, yet they do belong in the bloodline of Panerai somewhere along the timeline.

For us, these guys make great shop display !!


and in 360 ……..