Panerai Vs. Ennebi, the Bronzo

There was a time when the bronze casing was the epiphany among the wrist watch fashion. We have the Panerai to thank for when they started making the Limited Edition Bronzo back in 2011 !! The casing was copper and tin, and therefore forms a layer of oxidisation that we love so dearly we name it, the patina !!!

Among the Oh so many watches, two names stand out the most; Panerai and Ennebi. They are both of Italian ancestry, and Ennebi is, in our opinion, half brother of Panerai. After wearing them for a few years or less, the complexion of the Ennebi Fondale Bronzo becomes dull , while the Pam 382 still has its shine similar to a dirty gold.

When carrying the watch, the Panerai feels solid, while the Ennebi is a bit shaky and loose in the bezel. The Italian flag behind the Enebi adds the military touch which we like a lot, we prefer this over the naked back of the Pam507.

The Pam507 has a strong resale value, maybe it has even appreciated in value. But we think the Fondale Bronzo is a bit flaky in the second hand market, maybe because they keep making watches in bronze? Honestly, we feel the probability is fairly high for  Panerai to come out the 3rd generation Bronzo in the future.

Appearance wise, we have the L.L. 74 strap on the Ennebi, and it’s a knock out !! Getting a lot of attention among the lovers. And right now, we fancy the red sharky strap (see below photo) on the Pam507,it’s a nice change from the tough and macho military look.

It’s good to own one Ennebi, but we can’t stop getting the Panerai watches.