Video making, a new hobby

We feel, as a hobbyist, the next evolution or the spin off to photography, is Video. And we are saying this not because almost all new cameras in the market is capable of videoing, but because making a video in itself is extremely fun!! It came as a surprise when we learned Leica 240 takes 1080P Full HD video, however, we are dubious about this specific sector wanting a video function, we feel it’s more of a “you have, I also have” mentality from our favourite German manufacturer. On a different note, the return of Bolex camera with their new Digital 16 is exciting, and we especially like its retro outlook.

Of all the wonderful cameras out there, we fancy the Blackmagic the most. Its price tag is “realistic” to us beginner hobbyist, so naturally we would rate this camera as our dream machine. We are using the Nikon D800, Gopro 3+, and the Sony A7R for our video making ! Mind you, we humbly use the term “making” instead of production ! What production ? We can barely operate the editing software, let alone story boarding, lighting and even sound processing. Yet we are greedy with our urge to the latest techs such as a future Blackmagic 4K 60fps full frame camera, with which we would definitely need to upgrade the computer, and know the Davinci Resolve well before facing our dream machine !

For what is worth, we do have a Youtube Channel . We think video is a great marketing tool especially in the ultra intense online business. The video production obviously has to be of quality, yet we have a long way to go developing this particular skill set, but it would be nice to work with your favourite toys and turning it into a business !!

We humbly admit the Blackmagic camera serves as an item of desire, and the statement on “Video as a Marketing tool” is just a lame excuse for us to go shopping !

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