Marketing in the Era of Social Media Boom

With our dependency on the internet for both the computers and cell phones intensifies greatly, the age of Social Media supremacy has arrived, and along with it, the Social Media Marketing. We feel the online marketing is a whole new approach to reach the target audience, possibly requiring a 4 yrs college degree just to grasp the basic understanding on how we behave, our buying impulses and our emotions when online. In our opinion, internet has created a whole new demographic be it a virtual reality, maybe it’s a platform that nurtures our altered ego ? 🙂

We have today, the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, Line, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Youtube and a million other apps to stay connected. Everyday we would come in to the office, turn on the computer, scan through each socially connected site to see what’s what. By the time we have finished “staying connected”, half a day would have gone by and half the emails are unanswered.

Do we really need all these Social Medias to help us stay connected ? Frankly our savviness in social media remains at ICQ, MSN, Multiply and Friendster, and if our memory serves us correctly, it was during the time when Motorola and Nokia were the dominating force in the mobile communication. We are nostalgic, yet we hope to stay updated. Our nostalgic choice of communication is the email, our “fashion” sense takes us to the Facebook……but our actual core focus is our Dot Com and here !!!

A few things we do not do while social media-ing are (maybe we ought to?) :

  1. We do not respond in the social medias. Many marketing gurus believe the social media is a great way to fraternise with the audience through conversational type of engagement. But as a former fraternal brother of the college days, we insist the only way to socialise properly is through face to face over a beer or a keg.
  2. We rarely rarely share news, especially in the Facebook. There must be at least 20 people in the list sharing the same piece of information, we really don’t want to bore you with the repeated headlines.
  3. Putting a face of us: to build rapport, to build trust, to build personality etc., etc. Can you absolutely be sure we are not hiring a marketing firm and this is all a marketing effort? We do agree having a face of us may shorten the proximity, we just need to put the shyness behind us !!

So, here the face of the blogger of Annie Barton:


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