Shop Music !!

One of the most important thing inside the shop, is the Music ! We spend about 10 hrs a day 6 days a week, and if we were deprive of the music we like, we might have a break down.

We are no classical, that’s one thing we did not pick up during our uni days. Truth is, we are permanently glued to the 80s…a bit of Culture Club,OMD, Pet Shop Boys, Midnight Oil …and more ! Those were the happy days !

Of all the wonderful songs from the 80s, we have brought some selected few over to the shop so that we could loop them non-stop ! So forgive us if our acquired taste in music is off from yours. We have the Prince and the Revolution’s ever so erotic the Purple Rain, every Friday we would boom “Friday I’m in Love” from our most admired band The Cure, The Church’s Under the Milky Way, Aerosmith’s Jaded, Paradise City by … them if you’re reading this blog ! And James’….well, all their songs are simply awesome ! The list goes on !!

If only these songs can be legally used in our videos on youtube !

New Order will soon be coming out with their latest, and we are completely thrilled !! For some stupid reasons, we feel young again knowing the “Joy Division” is back and they are as strong as ever !!


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