Online Shop for Watch Accessories

Hooooorraayyyy……Annie Barton has an online shop !!! This new shop focuses on anything to everything relevant to the watch accessories !!!

So why on earth did we start another online shop ? Why can’t we just sell the watch accessories on our current ?

First, putting all the eggs in one basket is definitely not a good idea !!  Our legs are still shaking from our last crash ! Check out “Oh the site is down again !” if you want to know more about our strange ordeal ! This new AB online shop is independent from the Barton1972, so unless the internet is down on a global magnitude, it’s likely either or both shops would survive. So running a second online shop means more work, but at least it would give us less chance of a mental breakdown.

Second, we did upload the watch straps onto the Barton1972, and we found the new combination to be a bit odd. The overall site outlook may be less weird If we were selling cameras and watches, but accessories alone? We felt a catalyst was needed in order to bridge the two together, but we couldn’t figure out what this catalyst is. Eventually we dropped the idea completely and started building a new shop !

Lastly, we are, in honest to goodness, a mama and papa shop with zero budget for marketing advertising. If we were to mix the products under one site, we would need a substantial marketing effort for a brand identity. We do believe watches and cameras can be put together under one roof to create a new impression, unfortunately we mama and papa do not have that monetary backup to achieve such task. It’s easier and cheaper for us to separate them totally by having two online shops.

So what next?

Our core focus has always been making camera straps, and our hobby forever remains in photography. Once the cloud has scattered and the sky is blue again, our next step would be to design the next evolution of the Braided strap ! And also hoping that Apple can manage to open up the payment gateway to China through Alibaba. Other than that, our next stop is to get more ink done on our arms and do more Muay Thai boxing.

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