a simple water-proof test on the Panerai Strap

About a month ago, we had decided to drop the Pam 243 attached with a strap made by L’invitta Legione into a cylinder filled with water, we were curious to see how the leather would fare after such a semi-abusive treatment. We filmed the drop into the eternal abyss and uploaded it in our Youtube channel

The watch and the strap were left to dry naturally for a couple of days. Then we, once again, filmed the dried Pam243 and uploaded it on the youtube as Part 2 of the Panerai returning from the abyss.

The whole ordeal was done in a manner of complete and utter simplicity, much like us wearing a Panerai to go scuba diving. The eternal abyss was no more than a vase and it’s less than a feet tall. The watch, nevertheless, claims to be a 1000m strong; a very macho number for those of us with an Open Water.

After waiting patiently for a month or so, we feel we’ve given enough time to see the changes, if any, for the strap !! During the time, we did wear it a good few many times, then we put the watch aside to let nature takes its course. Maybe the leather has some strange smell? Maybe it has some black stains or discolouration from the growth of hyphae ? Maybe the leather has completely disintegrated ? Maybe the watch has a tree growing inside it?

None, nothing, zip !! The watch is fine, and the strap is fine too, see below of the images taken half an hour ago. Both the Panerai and L’invitta Legione behaved as they should, we simply are glad the watch is OK ….phew !!

You can see more Panerai strap candidates in our online shop . We are confident all them straps may potentially survive the harsh environment of a rubber ducky bubble bath 🙂



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