Leather Straps for Rolex ?

We had been asked a good many times regarding straps for the Rolex watches, our customers would like to see if it’s possible to duplicate the existing straps and modifying it by cutting the leather to fit the width of a Rolex.

The answer is yes, but mostly no.

Yes means it is easy to just cut the leather as according to the bracelet. No means we think it would look odd in terms of the overall aesthetic wise.

  1. Most of our watch straps are pretty thick, approximately 5mm thick, which is even thicker than the Panerai OEM straps. In our opinion, the thickness between a watch and a strap has to be balanced. There is no right or wrong answer to this, but apart from your personal preference, it is important to take this into consideration.
  2. All our buckles are 24mm and 26mm, they are big and they are intended for 44mm and 47mm diameter. Unless the surface of the watch is equally large, your watch may end up looking like a small head with a large bottom.
  3. Lastly, a lot of the straps you see here are intentionally aged, therefore they have spots and dirts and stains, trying imitate an actual worn out strap. Would the strap look too old for your brand new spotless and clean watch? To illustrate our point, please see the below video which shows a classic 5512 Submariner attached to an actual ammo strap.

Generally speaking, we feel the width of a strap is least important. For example, we had installed a 26mm onto the PAM243 which has a 24mm lug size. The extra 2mm can easily be squeezed into the watch, and that extra width adds grunge to a Panerai.

Above are merely our thoughts and opinions, so feel free to mix and match and break the rules (if any) 🙂



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