Panerai Strap Attire

Wearing a fancy watch, a custom suits, $500 cufflinks, and a fine pair of Italian shoes would surely portrait you as a successful individual. A recent report (we can’t remember what) said mobile phone is the single most important item that establishes a connection with people, a phone is more important than a watch, and shoes defunct into secondary sideline, and what cufflinks ?? We humbly disagree that an 128GB iPhone is the epiphany of awesomeness, and a Hello Kitty case embracing the phone is not a fashion statement.

We wear flip flops, t-shirts and jeans 24/7, even when serving our customers. We are glad no one is complaining as we sure don’t like to dress like we are about to make a multi-million dollar deal. We even find wearing a watch to be a pain in the neck.

Our customers are mostly Panerai folks. Every day we would witness a good collection of these pretty Panerai, their owners would select, very carefully, a strap that best reflect their personality. Of all the many straps, the 74 strap remains to be the most mystical of all. Why ?? We do not know !! Maybe it’s the most vintage ? Maybe the 74 has the most military touch ? Maybe 74 is the birth year ? Maybe 74 is the iconic number for Panerai?

Maybe we should change the 74 a little? maybe adding a bit of steampunk to it ? maybe changing its buckle?


Or maybe we should look beyond the sense of Vintage-ness of a Panerai, and focus more on individualility?


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