History and Brand

We had been bugging Panerai to sell us the S.L.C. boat over at their shop for years, and according to them, the maker of the S.L.C. has retired and thus the rarity. We did encounter someone selling the original SLC in eBay, but its ultra premium price was way above what our pocket could afford.

In our opinion, Panerai is ducking away from its heritage intentionally. The fascism ideology during the WWII may not be too politically correct today, and relying heavily on the historical past limits the creativity for the future, meaning today !

What is Panerai ?

a complex horology? No

a professional instrument ? We wouldn’t go scuba diving with one for sure !!

a fashion statement ? Panerai created the hype on large diameter wrist watch, but that was more than 10 years ago ! With the rise of an Apple Watch, the digital force awakes. And we seriously do not want a Panerai watch capable of whatsapping, youtubing and facebooking, that is just pure evil.

We honestly cannot see its position among the many well known watches. We still feel Panerai is sexiest when it is deeply rooted to its original past, and that is the Decima Flottiglia MAS.


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