Ammo Pouch Leather Straps

We like Vintage, and don’t we all ?

But what is “vintage” ? We think basically anything that had been outdated for decades but is making a come back is a “vintage”. Take note Vintage item is normally rarer than a commodity like an iPhone, and so falling into the mainstream is highly unlikely. In the case with the swiss ammo pouches, back in the time, were made in somewhat mass quantity and so we find it hard to believe they exist today in such limited quantity. We are second guessing the hiking price of vintage ammo material could be due to folks buying them out in order to short circuit the supply chain. Oh the evil of business strategy !!!

So, is the ammo strap worth the price? No if you take it merely from a “vintage” leather point of view. It’s true the vintage leather are very good looking , but anyone, given enough time, could grace any new leather with beautiful patina. We think the intrinsic value of an ammo strap should come directly from the strap maker himself, call it the appreciation of craftsmanship, and the appreciation is shown through the dollars !!!

Good quality straps are good no matter if it’s vintage or new. But make sure you know what you are buying into ! Selling a new leather but claiming it to be vintage is unethical.

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