Watch Accessories : how, why, what, and where

We have been in the watch accessories industry since the very beginning in the Yr. 2010. The initial stage of our operation remained narrowly at the physical shop, and only recently did we start putting everything online in order to serve the global audience.

“Where should we park the online shop that sells watch straps?” was the first question we had to overcome. We had the option of consolidating all our available products, be it the watch straps or the camera straps, under our original online shop , which would save us tremendous amount of time and effort, and theoretically speaking, the combined traffic from two sectors would create a synergy boost to the search engine. However, in the end we chose a lonelier path, a decision was made to divide the Red Sea by developing two separate shops. We did so under the notion that a “supermarket” approach is simply not agreeable to our personal buying behaviour, and the idea of putting all eggs in one basket freaks us out .

The second question was deciding on a new location and choosing a domain name that will appropriately summarises what the new venture is all about. We were fortunate to be able to register the name, a throne where the shop is now sitting comfortably. We feel skeptical to turn Annie Barton into a watch accessories only, it confuses even us because our core is about making camera straps, the page now compasses the lost to one’s true heart desire.

Final questions, what substance do we need in the watch accessories online other than the obvious ? Videos appear to be a sensible solution. And what do watch lovers like to see ? watches of course !! So filming the Panerai with our products, and presenting the videos at the shop becomes a no brainer. If not for the entertainment value, at the very least the videos combined with the photos and other what nots, could well portray a deeper impression on what these leathery items actually look like.

And the conclusion is, the more we operate the online business, the less we know of anything. Sometimes it is easier to make a stand through a physical shop than finding an anchor in the vast depth of websites.

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