On Sale watch straps

It appears there are a lot of summer sale these days making us a very happy shopper. For the first time in our 6 years, we are following suit and giving a substantial discount to our fellow strap lovers. The new price has dropped from an arm and a leg of whopping HK$1,480 to a mere HK$920 for the ever popular vintage straps.

Visit our online shop: https://www.leatherwatchstrap.com.hk


And also, we will be having these real vintage straps made from the real ammunition leather bags from the war. And no, these ammo leather straps will not break the bank. Each ammo strap is unique, so you will have to contact us to check on the stock.

Lastly, we will also be having a massive inventory cleaning up. We will clean up our straps inventory by having another huge sale. Please stay tuned.

ammo strap ammo leather strap


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