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Shopping for cameras in HK

Shopping in HK is no longer cheap as compared to the earlier days, the absence of a sales tax has been off set by the expensive rent, and our HK dollar is pegged to the US$ …. !! So, if you are looking for the best deal, know the shop well, establish a relationship with the seller and know the exchange rate !!

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Road to 4K Motion Films

The workflow of the FCPX is almost identical to the iMovie, and this makes life so much easier and the transition that much smoother. With the power of FCPX at hand, we’d realised the missing link to open the pandora box was the 4K camera. And so the search for the holy grail began.

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Product Photos !!

Conventional wisdom says to stop down to f8 or more when shooting the product shots, in order to get that critical detail of the product ! Surely the consumers would want to see the product in greater and clearer detail, and we did exactly just that in our online shop !

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Cameras !

We genuinely like photography, and we are saying this not because we sell camera straps. Truth is, camera strap is the most boring item in the photography. OK, so it’s a strap, DuH !!

Push/Pull is fun, operating a 810 is fun, petzval is fun, carrying a large format may be fun but definitely exhausting. If only we could explore large format photography on a full time basis, then we would certainly go 100% analogue. If only …  Read more