If you are seeking that minimal timeless look, Gordy’s strap is the perfect match for your camera.

We are proud to be the sole distributor of Gordy’s Straps in Hong Kong.  And guess what? China too.

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More about the founder

Gordon Coale, started photography in 1958 with a tiny 35mm rangefinders. Ever since then, photography has been a major part of his life. In 2004, Gordon was using his Olympus XA2 and a Mamiya medium format camera, he needed a strap to securely hold his heavy medium format camera. The idea of a camera strap came when his friend from Ace Leather Goods showed him a quarter inch thick leather for belts, and voila !!! The Gordy’s Camera Strap was born.

Meet the Gordy’s Team !!!

Possibly the strongest leather camera strap !! An ideal strap for those who are into minimalism. 


Versatile type of camera attachment


made of Latigo Belt Leather

The String Attachment