L’invitta Legione has the most comprehensive items made specifically for the Panerai lovers.
L.L. watch straps are treated down to the bone to bring  you the most authentic “Vintage” touch !!


Haritage Collection

From the heavy giant SLC to the bust of Teseo Tesei. A piece of history for your collection.


Jewelry Artwork

Original work with exceptional craftsmanship. A new impression contrasting the classical Panerai outlook.



A convenient vault to store your favourite watch.













The vintage collection: the Mezzo D’Assalto, uses sea-water to treat the leather. This unique process is extremely time consuming, yet its outcome gives a very natural aged feel, almost identical by texture and by appearance to an actual vintage strap.

visit Flickr to see more samples.


Knife-Edge Buckle

Some straps come with the Knife Edge buckle made of Bronze, and this is due to the historical accuracy.
The buckles are oxidised to give you a charming 2 tones coloration.


Sandwich Triple Folding

Sandwich triple folding is used in the historical straps. L’Invitta Legione follows faithfully to the tradition of yesteryears.


Seawater-Proof Tested

You can go scuba diving with the straps !! The Pav Subacquei series is made of waterproof material, seawater to be exact !!


From conceptualising to realising a design through leather craftsmanship and jewellery work, James is the talent behind L’Invitta Legione.

James’ superb craftsmanship in leather and metal all comes from his immense passion towards the Panerai watches.

See our blog to know a bit more about this incredibly talented guy James.

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