Leather Straps for Rolex ?

We had been asked a good many times regarding straps for the Rolex watches, our customers would like to see if it’s possible to duplicate the existing straps and modifying it by cutting the leather to fit the width of a Rolex.

The answer is yes, but mostly no.

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a simple water-proof test on the Panerai Strap

The whole ordeal was done in a manner of complete and utter simplicity, much like us wearing a Panerai to go scuba diving. The eternal abyss was no more than a vase and it’s less than a feet tall. The watch, nevertheless, claims to be a 1000m strong; a very macho number for those of us with an Open Water.

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Shop Music !!

We are no classical, that’s one thing we did not pick up during our uni days. Truth is, we are permanently glued to the 80s…a bit of Culture Club,OMD, Pet Shop Boys, Midnight Oil …and more ! Those were the happy days !

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Shopping for cameras in HK

Shopping in HK is no longer cheap as compared to the earlier days, the absence of a sales tax has been off set by the expensive rent, and our HK dollar is pegged to the US$ …. !! So, if you are looking for the best deal, know the shop well, establish a relationship with the seller and know the exchange rate !!

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Oh the site is down again !

Truth is, the online shop you see today is our third generation. The previous version was being attacked by spammers, viruses and other malicious malware (a name we had recently acquired). Obviously we were spazzing out during the attack, our frantic calls to the given cell phone (or any phones) and emails were unanswered we were beginning to think the firm may actually be out of business !!! At long last, the very first reply we received from them was “we are not liable for the attack, and it will take about 2 weeks to fix the problem”.

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Road to 4K Motion Films

The workflow of the FCPX is almost identical to the iMovie, and this makes life so much easier and the transition that much smoother. With the power of FCPX at hand, we’d realised the missing link to open the pandora box was the 4K camera. And so the search for the holy grail began.

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Start up failures

Our business partner in Macau has decided to cease its operation. We had called the Macau Shop as our second shop so as to show our support to him, but in reality the shop was completely independent to Annie Barton.

So where did it go wrong? Anything to everything that could possibly go wrong, did in fact go wrong !!

The incident serves as a rude awakening for us and put us into a new perspective. In addition to the regular business planning and what nots, we have learned a few more new things

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