Polaroid Hong Kong instant film camera

Fujifilm 的 Instax Square

對寶麗來那個 iconic 的四方格式及外框一向情有獨鐘,Fujifilm 那部#Instax210 的格式一真未能滿足, 總是覺得差點什麽的….
那只好一直忍受 Impossible Project 一盒才 8 片的底片、每張要 20-30 分鐘的顯影時間 (說好的即影”即有”呢?) …

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幾幅近照 Recent Pictures

…在香港,參與投資買賣或者做轉手貿易的都能在短時間內可以有不俗的回報,有這樣的機會成本,加上種種的營商趨勢,在香港要建立一個品牌很難,很難,很難(因為真的很難,所以要說 3 次),而且是一個針對專屬市場的品牌…
…For all we know, branding consists of two things, they are time and money, which fundamentally boils down to a singularity called the monetary investment. So are we making a sound investment? In all honesty…

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顏色不符? (下)

用家們最常接觸到的圖片都不是各品牌的官方圖片,而是在社交網絡、討論區或者在 IM ( 例如 WeChat, Whatsapp, Line 之類之類) 裹朋友之間互相分享的圖片,所以有不少顧客是參考著這些圖片來查詢的。這些圖片大部分都是以手機拍攝,而其實手機拍的圖片不一定失準的,懂利用光源也可以有很接近的效果,但普遍上用家自拍的圖片都是分享喜悅為主,那會花心機去試這試哪呢?而且圖片不是無添加完全沒有修整過,就是按拍攝者喜好修過的圖,種種因素下出現的顏色偏差是很合理的啊。所以當看到其他用家的自拍手錶/錶帶照時,參考外型無妨啊,色澤嘛…..

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顏色不符 ? (上)

為何只是示範復刻系列呢?其他款式/產品沒有這些錯覺嗎? 當然都有啊。
但一般我們看圖片看產品時拿個大概就能收貨,例如在選 SLC – 黑色/舊化綠色/金色,等等其他色系分明的玩意時,即使顯示器是偏向明艷或暗淡表現再有參差,成品也不會跟期望偏離,金色也不會變了完全另一個款色,金就是金啦對吧?。在日常大部分時間裹,我們都能接受「大概」,可參巧就足夠。

可是每當挑選復古款色的錶帶時,我們都會突然變了 “色” 魔。

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a simple water-proof test on the Panerai Strap

The whole ordeal was done in a manner of complete and utter simplicity, much like us wearing a Panerai to go scuba diving. The eternal abyss was no more than a vase and it’s less than a feet tall. The watch, nevertheless, claims to be a 1000m strong; a very macho number for those of us with an Open Water.

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Shop Music !!

We are no classical, that’s one thing we did not pick up during our uni days. Truth is, we are permanently glued to the 80s…a bit of Culture Club,OMD, Pet Shop Boys, Midnight Oil …and more ! Those were the happy days !

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Shopping for cameras in HK

Shopping in HK is no longer cheap as compared to the earlier days, the absence of a sales tax has been off set by the expensive rent, and our HK dollar is pegged to the US$ …. !! So, if you are looking for the best deal, know the shop well, establish a relationship with the seller and know the exchange rate !!

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Start up failures

Our business partner in Macau has decided to cease its operation. We had called the Macau Shop as our second shop so as to show our support to him, but in reality the shop was completely independent to Annie Barton.

So where did it go wrong? Anything to everything that could possibly go wrong, did in fact go wrong !!

The incident serves as a rude awakening for us and put us into a new perspective. In addition to the regular business planning and what nots, we have learned a few more new things

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